Current Projects

Mechanics' Anecdotes book - Tales from the Toolbox

I have recently finished this book of mechanics' anecdotes and it will be published by Veloce Publishing in November 2009. My thanks to everyone who helped me put the book together.

Lotus rear-engined sports cars

I am researching the Lotus rear-engined sports cars with a view to doing a book. At present, I have been focusing on the Lotus 19 but will also be covering the Lotus 30 and Lotus 40 and possibly the Lotus 23, although there has recently been a book published by Graham Capel on the latter. If you have any information or photos you think may be of use, please get in touch!


Lotus 18

I have started researching the Lotus 18, in its Formula 1, Formula 2 and Formula Junior guises, with a view to a book on its own or to combine with my research on the Lotus 19. Any unusual photos or info gratefully received. For example, I'm still trying to find out exactly what Eugene Willbanks was driving at the Green Valley Raceway Trans-Am meeting in 1966. Looks like a Lotus 18-based car to me but I've drawn a blank so far...


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