Drawing on his experience of researching the history of individual cars and drivers, plus contacts built up over the years, Michael offers a bespoke research service to existing and prospective car owners.

Research photo

This can take the form of verifying an existing history put together by an earlier owner, filling in gaps in the ownership/racing history for FIA paperwork or investigating a claimed history for a car that is for sale.

The work is comparable to forensic investigation, involving long hours of patient searching through newspaper and magazine archives, talking firsthand to previous owners and other personnel (e.g. mechanics, team managers) involved with the cars in period and a close study of period photographs to identify individual characteristics peculiar to the car in question.

Recent projects undertaken include a study of the origin of the Lotus 49 in the Donington Collection.

If you'd like Michael to carry out some research on your behalf, please contact him for further details.

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